100 Foot Pipe Camera

100 Foot Inspection Color Camera: $259.00 Special.


100' inspection push-line camera will be ready to use out of the box. Just plug it into any standard RCA input device such as a TV , VCR, Portable DVD, PC or LCD Monitor. You will immediately be able to view all those hard-to-reach places that could never be seen before you purchased this very long-lasting, durable push-line camera. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional, this camera will make your task easier.

  • Items Included:

    100' Push Camera Cable, AD/DC 12volt Adapter, 12 Volt Battery Pack, Aux Adapter, USB Video Capture to PC Converter
  • Color Camera:

    Water proof, Bright White Infared LED's for lighting in darkness, Automatic Exposure, Automatic White Balance and Automatic Gain control all built into this system.

  • Push tubing:

    100 ft Poly Push Tubing. This tubing has a very low friction coefficient that allows it to slide easily through pipes. The pipe is very flexible and very durable due to the demanding needs of everyday users.
  • Other features:

    The 100' Pipe Camera system runs on 12 volts (all adapters are included). This unit, unlike most, comes with a 12v wire harness to make portability easier.
  • Size:

    The size of this camera is very small to fit in a whole variety of applications
  • Very easy operation:

    Just plug video into back of a TV monitor and hook up power. You have no external wiring or control boxes to deal with.
  • Imaging Sensor:

    Clear –the internal imaging sensor operates along with the auto contrast and brightness built into the sensor. You will be able to easily view smaller objects with this model.

(100ft) Pushline Sewer Camera easily inspects sewer pipes and any tight spaces that need to be seen!!



  • Head Length 1.85" (46mm)
  • Head Diameter 1.45" (40mm)
  • Sensitivity 0 lux

Camera Specs:

  • TV System: NTSC
  • Full Motion Real Time Color Video without delay
  • Definition: 420TV Lines
  • Scan Frequency: 60Hz
  • Minimum Illumination: 0 LUX for Black/White, 0 Lux for Color
  • Effective Element: 510x492
  • Picture Area: 4.69x3.45mm
  • Viewing angle: 30 ~ 35 degrees
  • Iris: Automatic
  • Exposure: Automatic
  • Focus: Fixed Viewing Distance: 50 mm to infinity
  • Operating Voltage: 12-Volt Battery Power Adapter
  • Operating Duration by Battery: Aprx: 10 hours (varies)


  • Easy to Use: Very easy to use and operate. Plug into any RCA input device and start viewing.
  • NO AC voltage required: Uses only a 12 volt battery makes the device extremely portable.
  • Water Proof: Water tight to the full lengh.
  • Custom Applications: Please feel free to Contact us for custom applications or different length push cables!
  • Trust Selanac Pipe Cameras Inc: We are committed to providing the best customer service on the market. Inspection Pipe Cameras are built by Selanac Pipe Cameras' here in the USA.


"This is a great camera. I bought it to dispute a plumbing bill. It saved me $2,000 dollars in bogus plumbing fees! The plumber was trying to charge me for doing more work than he really did! This camera was well worth the money. Works beautifully. A great buy!!!! Includes 12-volt adapter so you can plug it in off battery power."

"I bought this camera to find a crack in our sewer line, rather than paying an outside person to do it for $500. It worked great!!! We found the crack and replaced the area that needed it. You just hook it up to the video input on any television and plug in to an outlet for power. The images were really bright and clear in those dark pipes! I was pretty impressed! "

Support: View Contact page.
Shipping: The shipping terms are that the item will ship in a maximum time of 5 to 7 business days after payment is received due to high demand for these cameras. However, most Pipe Inspection Cameras will ship sooner. Note: Unlike most on the market today, our Cameras are fully tested 24 hours before they are shipped. We guarantee it's a fully functional camera when it's shipped. By Purchasing this item you agree to everything stated above. This camera operation is precisely as stated. Due to the volume of orders the tube color or camera head may be a different color then displayed. [The colors]"Red, Gray, Blue, Black" have no effect on the operation of this unit."


100' Inspection Pipe


Ready to Ship

Ready to Ship